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Internship & Coop placement

The e-Internship program is of unlimited duration (till needed for the student, eg. till hired) and allows executing remotely (in an e-CRO environment) and on a part-time basis, most of the CRC and CRA tasks  performed in all the clinical trials in order to acquire some “hands-on” experience, which is a major, and often, the only, hiring criterion.

Working with remote electronic databases, EDC (Electronic Data Capture) and CTMS (Clinicaal Trial Management Systems) is the other major hiring criterion, as today practically all clinical studies in the industry are made through the web and data is entered directly in the company database, so this experience is another key to successful hiring.

Co-op placement opportunities in our CRO/SMO Access Clinucal Research or in partner companies are provided on competitive basis whenever they arise.

Coaching & mentoring

Coaching & mentoring

Students have LIVE Instructors, who are experienced clinical research professionals. They provide on-line support 7/7 till late evening to answer questions immediately or almost, including holidays and statutory non-working days. This unique feature allows our students to use every free minute in studying and getting LIVE support during their studies. Our engagement is to provide assistance latest within 24 hours.

This unlimited support and mentoring does not end with the final exam, but continues during the whole job search process with job alerts and active referencing to employers, networking assistance, JD analysis and assistance in the adaptation of the CV for every job, advanced coaching on the subjects related to the given job if not studied yet, full preparation for the interviews, including their analysis afterwards. This analysis allows to advance with every interview and not to wonder what went wrong.

The support continues till and even after hiring, i.e. our graduates can get free consultations on complicated issues from our mentors during the first 2 months after starting their first job. This unique service is meant to reduce the new hire stress and preserve their face in the new job.

Immigration Assistance

Immigration Assistance

Career change is an important step and requires to take a well informed decision. CRA School has a mission to help highly qualified professionals in their career reorientation to an unknown field that fits their competences. Free consultations are provided by phone and Skype, or every week on Tuesdays @ 2:30 PM & Thursdays @ 5:30 PM, at #101- 405 Ogilvy av. Montreal.

CRA School is member of the Access Pharma Group, an association of non-profit organizations, which organizes every month a special networking event where  3-4 seasoned pharmaceutical specialists and/or top managers with different professional background and from different companies speak about their jobs. They present the career opportunities in the field of drug development, clinical research, quality assurance and regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry, share their experience and give advices how to enter in this rewarding, but not very popular field.

The objective is to give the attendants an opportunity to learn about the different career opportunities in the regulatory affaires field and to ask freely all their questions to seasoned professionals, who are in the game, and in this way to get unbiased answers directly from industry insiders.

For those who consider a career change, these networking events are a perfect opportunity to get first-hand answers to all important questions and make a well informed decision. The register for the next event, see our News.


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