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CRA School and Biotech Annecto celebrate together their 10-years anniversaries

Come to have a glass of wine or juice together and learn from Tarik Messaoud, MD, MSL, CDS and PHV Advisor at Merck Canada about the new career opportunities in Pharmacovigilance that the Vanessa’s law will create next month.

Places are limited and the bar is not extensible.
Better register now at https://lnkd.in/eh_CdiY
One drink included ! Bring a  friend who may fit and profit

Are you interested to work in the clinical trials industry?

Due to the great interest, we are again offering the seminar “Careers in Clinical Research and in the Clinical Trials industry: opportunities, requirements, salaries and how to get in”.
October 30, 2019 Duration: 2.5 hours.
(the CRIM building Montreal is next to metro Park on the blue line).

Consultations for non-Montreal residents are offered by phone and Skype. Send a Skype invitation to our account: CRA School Montreal. Email your CV if you wish to discuss an appropriate action plan suitable to your qualification.

CRA School works for you since 2009

Our International Students
Why Us





CRA School


  • Over 1000 pages detailed clinical research regulatory training

  • International, US and Canadian clinical trials regulations included

  • Internships to provide the “hands-on” experience required by law

  • Access to the “hidden jobs” through active networking assistance

  • CV adaptation and Interview preparation for every single job

What is new:



  • Placement Assistance Till Hired (PATH program, unlimited in time)

  • Reduced tuition fees through Global Accessibility Program (GAP)

  • Job leads for unlisted jobs and recommendations to recruiters

  • Program covers almost all jobs: CRA, CRC, CTA, SSU, CPM, DM, RAS

  • Preparation of MD, PharmD, PhD for top level jobs (MSL, DSA, MA)

And also:



  • Video interview practice with analysis and recommendations

  • Live support 7 days per week till late evening by qualified mentors

  • Possibilities for co-op internship in the affiliated CRO

  • Regular networking events (streamed online)

Unique approach

Get a job, not just a diploma

1) Fast access to well-paid and in-demand careers

2) Universal: All clinical trial careers covered

3) Internship for hands-on Canadian experience

Interview preparation

Job-specific preparation for interviews

1) JD analysis + CV adaptation for every job

2) Preparation for every interview till hired

3) Training in advance on subjects not studied yet

Professional branding

Coaching & support on Professional positioning

1) Professional branding coaching & mentoring

2) Reference letters, Job alerts + job assistance

3) Networking meetings & weekly consultations

Full accessibility

Accessible when you need it

1) Online training to advance at your own speed

2) 7/7 LIVE Support by Skype till late evening

3) Flexible payment options adapted to your needs

Job insertion support

Active Job Placement Assistance

1) Instructions on the pre-selection questionnaires

2) Coaching on typical interview questions & traps

3) Introduction to industry slang and terminology

...AND more!

Universal program for all needs

1) US, Canada, EU, ICH GCP & QC regulations

2) Options for GCP professionals, MD, MSc/PhD

3) Referral Program with unlimited bonuses

Who We Are

About Us

CRA School – Montreal is the only provider of bilingual  international clinical research training with internships and job-placement services (Placement Assistance Til Hire; PATH program).

Our program is suitable for candidates with life science backgrounds, RN, BSc, MSc, PhD, MD, PharmD degrees, GCP professionals, corporate staff, IRB/REB members.

Our training is universally-applicable and provides the students with a solid theoretical and practical base to work in any country.


Our Mission

Our objective is to provide the knowledge and necessary tools that will facilitate access to rewarding careers in clinical research, including Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC), Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA), Study Start-Up Assistant (SSU) or Regulatory Affairs (RA).

Our courses provide the building blocks that lead to other fields including Data Management (DM), Clinical Project Management (CPM), Pharmacovigilance (PV)  & Medical-Science Liaison (MSL).


Clinical Trials

Roles in clinical trials

Regulatory agencies (FDA, Health Canada or other) inspect only a small portion of all studies (around 2%).  the Sponsor company or individual investigator who initiates the study are obliged by law to periodically  monitor the  quality of the data generated and ensure that the rights and safety of the study participants are protected. The physicians (PI or sub-investigators) are responsible for the evaluation of their patients and the quality of the generated data.

Data management, quality control and statistical treatment of the study data are done by the sponsor’s staff, the Clinical Research Associates (CRA), in-house Monitors, Data Managers (DM), Drug Safety Associates, Medical Advisers, Biostatisticians, Project Managers and other staff trained on the study protocol, clinical trial regulations and Sponsor’s standard operating procedures.

What is a CRA/CRC?

The field Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is a monitor who periodically visits the study sites to supervise and inspect the work of the clinical investigators and their coordinators. The CRA verifies their compliance to the protocol and the regulations, makes sure that all regulatory requirements are met and that the quality of the data is acceptable. The in-house CRA and the CTA organize all study-related activities.

The Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC) are clinical research assistants who work in medical clinics (called sites) where the studies take place. They organize all interactions with the study participants and all study-related activities at the site. The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for the patients’ care, evaluations, and the conformity of all the study conduct with the law and clinical trial regulations in force.

Target audience

Companies look for functional English and a university diploma. This guarantees that the candidate will be able to understand a research protocol when trained. Life sciences, health care, nursing, biology, biochemistry, biomedical engineering or other medical fields are preferred. Regulatory affairs jobs don’t need a recognized diploma.

For some high-level jobs, an advanced scientific degree is required. The best hiring chances are for professionals who already have some practical experience in clinical research activities. This is always the 1st hiring criterion.

International candidates

Health professionals, trained abroad, often have difficulties when they move to another country. Foreign diplomas may not be recognized and the required local practical experience is missing.

With the exception of the clinical investigators and their nurses, all the other Clinical Research Professionals do not perform medical acts. They only handle study data, organization and documentation. Therefore they don’t needlicense to practice in the country


Would you like to earn some $75-80,000 like most of our alumni only 2 years after getting their first job?

Hear from our students!

"Dear all, I am very thrilled to share with you that I recently accepted an offer for CTA role at IQVIA. Your support throughout the job search was really awesome. I will be committed to complete my CRA certification program once I advance my training in the new company. Thanks again."

Shamisa H. – Iran

"I discussed the JD and how to adapt my CV with the Support but at the interview I got stressed and I didn't answer some questions like I wanted. Svet suggested sending an email with the checklist that I developed during the course and I was called for a 2-nd interview. I am very happy that I got the CRC job and I will continue the course with the monitoring module."

Pamela Lachance from Montreal

"Yes, I got the IRB manual that you sent me and the interview went very well. Thanks for the help! I got a job offer for IRB Associate and I am starting on Sept. 2. I will be very busy in the first months but we will keep in touch"

Tony Lebed from Russia

"Merci. Ma femme et le bébé se portent bien et j’ai trouvé un travail. Je travaille actuellement comme coordinateur de recherche clinique au CHUM. Bien que par ce travail je suis énormément en contact avec les moniteurs des compagnies pharmaceutiques et les clinical trials manager, je suis toujours à la recherche d'un poste d'ARC dans une compagnie."

Christian Eyandja – Benin

"I have very good news. I used the strategies that I learned in the CRA course and I was officially hired by MSD as Clinical Data Coordinator. I want to thank CRA School for such an excellent program and the permanent advice and follow-up that I received so far. I haven’t finished the course yet, however, it was an essential part of the selection process."

Andres Gonzalez from Colombia

"Thank you so much for your congratulations. Actually, yes, INC Research is a big company, I am very happy. I would tell you that your training offered me a good knowledge to complete my interview successfully. Many thanks again."

Yacine Touté from Paris

"Hello Svet, I want to let you know that I got a job as Clinical Research Assistant in McGill but I will have the functions also of a CRA. I will be the only CRA in my team without competitor. Thank you for all your advices!"

Eva Mathieu from France

"I didn't know anything about drug and pharmaceutical industry, but the CRA School helped me a lot to get familiar with the pharma field. I finished all chapters about 8 months ago, but I went to my country because my father passed away. When I came back, I got a job in data managing in a pharma company. Now I would like to pass the final exam to get the certificate. Thanks for everything!"

Mojtaba Tabataei from Iran

"I just started as a CRC Assistant at Innovaderm in Montreal. They actually created the position when they hired me, otherwise, I would have been a documentation assistant. I’m being trained now to be a CRC. So following the course must have given me an advantage. I just finished chapter 16 and I'm trying to organize my time to allow me to finish the CRA School course. I would eventually like to switch into a CRA role later. I think the course helped a lot."

Tasso Chountalos – Montreal

"I would like to thank you for referring me for the Clinical Trial Associate position at JSS. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me. Today I signed my contract with them. I am grateful for the time you spent reviewing my application and recommending me for the job. Once more, I would like to thank you for all your advice and help."

Sofia Cartamil from Argentina

"I just want to inform you that i got the position in jss medical research as a CTA , i started today and thank you for all your support and help. The classes and the job insertion program are the best. Thanks to the cra training center's team for their availability and advises. I stay available if you need anything from me."

Maimouna Barry

"Thank you for the articles, this was very helpful. They told me that actually I was very adequate. They called me few hours later and the next round is tomorrow. - The second round went even better and I am hired. I am starting next week officially as a Clinical Trial Assistant in Comac Medical. Thank you guys for your support and I will finish this course!"

Antony Kolarov – Bulgaria

"I thank you very much for your CV adaptation service. In March this year I got a job with Quintiles Transnational, a CRO, in Ghana. This company is headquartered in USA. I know very well that your assistance on the CV helped me to get the CRA job with the company."

Armstrong Cudjoe from Ghana

"I am excited to let you know that I received an offer for the position of Clinical Research Assistant that I interviewed for last week. Thank you all for the support throughout. Your guidance and advice has been very timely and apt. I really appreciate it. I shall continue to work on completing my CRA training in the meanwhile and move ahead in my career."

Rao Smit from Montreal

"Thanks for the articles about the interview preparation. The interview was as I expected, since they asked a lot of questions concerning monitoring experience. I was honest about my experience and I was not sure what they would decide since there were other candidates. But finally I got the position of Project manager"

Manal Ghamlouche from Syria

"I would like to let you know that I got a job as a CRC in the OPUS Clinic . I am very happy, it is the first step :-). Thank you for everything. I would like to know is it possible to have the rest of the chapters and a certificate for what I have already studied because my new employer asked it? Thanks a lot"

Sefika Ozcelik from Turkey

"Cela fait maintenant un bout de temps que je n'ai pas envoyé de devoirs. En fait, j'ai obtenu un travail en tant que Chargée de projet de recherche clinique en rhumatologie. Également, je suis coordinatrice d'une autre étude clinique et aussi d'un gros projet de recherche clinique dont j'ai fait une demande de subvention de 2.5 millions de dollars auprès des IRSC. Je souhaite finir la formation car j'ai encore beaucoup de choses à apprendre."

Nathalie Aimable de Québec

"Cela fait un bon moment que ne nous nous sommes pas parlé. La nouvelle c'est que j'ai quitté ma job de représentant pour commencer celle d’associé en recherche clinique. Merci."

Jamal Nali – Morocco

"Suite à une compression de personnel, je suis restée sans emploi durant 6 mois! Finalement j’ai postulé pour un poste de délégué médical, mais vu mon expérience ils m’ont proposé le poste de MSL. En fait, le fait d'avoir mis sur mon CV que j'ai suivi une formation en recherche clinique a rajouté un plus."

Leila Bouslah – Algeria

"Je voulais vous dire que j'ai trouvé un travail en recherche clinique grâce à une de mes relations de mon réseau LinkedIn. Je commence officiellement lundi, même si j'ai déjà fait 2 jours là-bas. Je suis très contente car je me rends compte que ma formation me sert beaucoup."

Natacha C. Grand – Boucherville

"I have good news to share. Yesterday I received a job offer from Veritas IRB as a Documents/ Project Associate. I would like to thank you for your encouragement and support. The CRA certificate opened a lot of doors for me. All you said about networking is true and I got all interviews through my contacts in one way or another. I started officially this week. It's nice to see familiar faces from the school there!"

Leen Stephan from Jordan

"I was unable to find a job when I heard about CRA School. I was lucky to get accepted and volunteered there to build my network. I got 2 interviews in Pharmascience, but I was only at chapter 4 and had insufficient experience. Two weeks later they called me to say that they created a special position for me. I am so thankful to Mamadou and Svet for all their help."

Sihem Doggui from Pharmascience

"I wanted to thank you for your help, advises and recommendations. In November I started as CRC in the JGH. The recruiter was actually a former consultant of your school and it was a very good reference. It is in the field of onco-surgery, not an entry level job. I am very happy and my mother also"

Masha Kosher from Montreal

"I started networking since from the first chapter as suggested in the course and a few weeks later I found a job as Research Assistant in the McGill University. I will continue the course as soon as I can because I am on the forth chapter only. I want to move to a CRA position one day."

Liliane Mefanche from Cameroun

"I wanted to share with you that I found a job as Study Management Specialist for Aptalis, I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to work with the CRA school and I want to thank you enormously for all the advices and all the guidance, always given with a lot of respect and professionalism. Thanks again"

Paulina Zamudio from Colombia

"First of all, I would like to tell you that I am really impressed by the quality of your school. The service is excellent and we can always have feedback in a timely fashion when needed. I really enjoy reading the chapters and am always impatient to go to the next one. I love it! I have only good words for your school and I am spreading my thoughts around."

Josée Bordeleau from Montreal

"I was very busy because 2 weeks ago we got baby twins and I had an interview for an internship in the same clinic where Cedric started. After he got the CDA job, he told me about this opportunity. The Job Insertion Program really works. The interview went pretty good. I will start in January."

Zouheir Zallif from Morocco


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