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Monitoring Upgrade Program for holders of university GCP certificates

Qualifying program that allows university graduates with GCP certificates
to get training and experience in clinical trial monitoring in order to qualify
also for jobs in CROs & pharmaceutical companies as Clinical Research
Associates in industry sponsored clinical trials.

Includes extended theoretical and practical course on the North American
regulations (US FDA and NIH, Health Canada and Quebec) and practices
for effective monitoring of multi-centric clinical trials.  Includes  workshops
and unlimited duration internship till hire  to provide the required Canadian
''hands-on'' experience

Reg. price: $695.95, or 6x$99.95 per month, financing of 6 months

BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL:  $649.95, or $75.95 per month only
Financing extended to 9 months
2 weeks only:  August 15 – August 31, 2012