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Are you ready for the clinical research hiring peaks in the fall?
In September it will be too late to start preparing. Have a look why:


If you want to work in clinical research, you should know that in this area there are 2 distinct hiring peaks: in March – May in the spring, and in October – November in the fall.

During the summer few clinical trials begin, doctors are on vacation. There are only replacement positions that require a lot of experience, but not entry level positions. In September the companies begin to organize themselves and the maximum of hires is in October and November.

The number of posts begins to fall in December. Because of the coming winter holidays, it would be risky to start a clinical trial. January is still a little disorganized by the excesses of the New Year’s holidays and school vacation.

There is a recovery in February, but the largest number of hires starts in March. Active employment continues until the end of May. In June the new studies begin to decrease in preparation for the summer vacation. The hiring in the summer is dead.

In this situation it is better to use the summer to prepare in advance for the hiring peak in the fall with completed certification training, several months of hands-on experience in all main clinical trial related tasks from our internship program and a network of contacts that will allow learning about the 90-95% of positions that will be never be publicly advertised but filled-in by references.

The program is individual and courses are on-line, which allows taking them regardless where you are, provided you have Internet access. Our instructors are available LIVE by Skype or email 7 days per week from 9:00 to 11:30 PM (Eastern time).

The theoretical regulatory course has 32 chapters and if you make 2 chapters per week, it would take around 3-4 months depending on your level of English and your availability.

The internship and networking tasks are done in parallel from the beginning in order to acquire the longest possible practical expérience. Job placement assistance and mentoring in networking, CV adaptation for every particular job, interview preparation and interview analysis are unlimited in time and continue till hire.

To facilitate the integration of highly qualified Life Science professionals into these new professions, financing extended to 9 months is available till May 27, 2013. Start now if you wish in September-October to have already the 3 must-have when changing careers:

* 3-4 months of practical experience, which is the main, if not the only, hiring criterion in this industry,

* a network of contacts in several companies from the target field that you can activate when ready and who can inform you about these 90-95% if hidden jobs that are never announced.

* a mentor to help you with CV adaptation for every specific job, interview preparation and interview analysis so that you dnn't wonder what went wrong & advance with every interview

Without these you can miss the hiring peak in the fall and will have to wait for the next one in March-May

It is the only program that offers certification training combined with unlimited internship and placement assistance included. An additional discount of 15% applies if the payment is made in 1 installment only.

Free consultations are provided every Monday from 17:00 to 18:30
at 6767 chemin de la Côte-des-neiges, room 601-2 on the 6-th floor.

For an individual meeting in another day and time, please contact directly the Coordinator of the Clinical Research Job Insertion Program Mr. S. Kristof by email or at 514-961-9351