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Are you an MD, PharmD or PhD? The active hiring season will soon resume. Are you ready?


Meet leading experts from Merck, AbbVie and Novartis, who will speak about the requirements for these well-paid careers and how to get in the clinical trials industry.


Come to get information about these rewarding job opportunities in the clinical trials industry – the roles of the Medical Science Liaison (MSL), the Drug Safety Adviser and the  Pharmacovigilance specialist. Register at our next Career Meeting now:


Thursday, February 28th, 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM

405 Ogilvy Avеnue, suite #101, CRIM

Montreal, QC, H3N 1M3

(metro PARC, blue line).

Free parking


To register click here:


MDs, PharmDs and PhDs often don’t know much about these rewarding careers. Tell your friends about this event that can change their lives, as it happened with a lot of CRA School alumni. You can easily find them on Linkedin.