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This discussion has been on-going for years because the industry was unable to evaluate the training programs and the competences acquired from them. Therefore the CROs and sponsors considered as qualified only candidates with 2 years “hands-on” experience. This skyrocketed the cost of new drugs development and created a very significant shortage of experienced CRAs that increases every year.

Under the pressure of the ever-growing gap between offer and demand of experienced CRA, today the situation starts to change. Now it becomes necessary to be certified, ACRP says. Its Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency had published a Core competency framework for Clinical Research Associates (CRA) to help resolving this issue. This document examines the current clinical research associate (CRA) workforce, and calls for elimination of the commonly accepted two-year experience requirement for entry-level CRAs in favor of competence-based employment practices.

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CRA School offers already several years a very detailed (over 900 pages and 3-6 months duration) and practically oriented CRA/CRC training program, fully compliant with the ACRP Core competency framework, and which entirely covers all the above requirements. In addition, it includes an internship in parallel to the regulatory training to provide the requested “hands-on” experience, and an unlimited Job Assistance Program with individual preparation for every interview till hired, two unique services that are not offered by any other training provider.

The students are never left alone. On-line LIVE support is provided 7 days per week, including in the evening. Due to the continuous mentoring and coaching, the active interview preparation for every job, and the e-internship with the newest web-based EDC/CTMS technologies that nobody else offers, more than 60% of the students get jobs before finishing the program.

The 2016 Tuition fees will expire on March 1, 2017, so better get informed in time. Free consultations are provided in Montreal every Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:00 PM in room 601-1 at 6767 Cote-des-neiges, or by Skype at our account cra-school for non-Montreal residents.